Michael Kors once said, accessories are the exclamation point of a woman, and we couldn’t agree more.

blog2Imagine Coco Chanel without her pearls. Or Elizabeth Taylor without diamonds dripping from her ears. Why would we want to? As your style evolves and changes, accessories are always a great way to get big impact with a simple piece or two. Like the moment in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere clasps the breathtaking diamond stunner around Vivian’s neck. Of course the red dress stole the show, but we think the diamonds were the icing on the red velvet cake. And what happened next? Edward just had to marry her!

Here at Loree’s Closet we are always searching for accessories that will add something special to your wardrobe via your jewelry box. A plain white shirt becomes a canvas for an amazing chunky necklace. A little black dress becomes a conversation piece with earrings that give it a run. Jewelry is fun. After all we’ve been playing with it since we were little girls and we still aren’t tired of it. Shop till you find your inner littler girl, your outer diva or the perfect piece to give your LBD something to worry about.

Check out our exciting new collaboration with Voyeur. This isn’t just jewelry, it’s truly art to be worn, talked about and noticed. These are the pieces you build an outfit around because they are show-stoppers. We know, because they stopped us in our tracks. In fact, Loree’s Closet is the Midwest showroom for Voyeur for our retail buyers. Check it out. www.voyeurbyvex.com. We dare you to just be a voyeur.

Happy Shopping…with an exclamation point!

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