From the day we could dress ourselves, rules have been a very unruly part of fashion. One thing I’ve learned in my career in retail and fashion, and in life in general, is that fashion rules have been written by someone who is most likely long gone…and no one has legally updated them. We think it’s high time to ignore the old rules, play by our own and wear what we want! No white after Labor Day? Hmmm. A winter white blazer is the most seamlessly season less thing in my closet. Never mix blue and black or brown and black? Um, black matches everything including anything in any color, anywhere. Get over the idea that your bag, shoes and belt all need to match. They don’t. They play nicely with others of different colors, textures and fabrics. And no mixing silver with gold? Hello! Make new friends but keep the old. These two definitely want to mix and mingle and if you’re really feeling rebellious, add a dash of brass or a string of pearls. If you love it, rock it. Look around. Everyone seems to be breaking the law and wearing what’s wrong oh-so rightly.

So go for fashion that’s simply fun because if it’s not fun, why wear it at all. There are no more rules, except just one; never pay full price. Shop here for blue that brings out the best in black. Shoes that match and purses that don’t. White for all seasons and any other pieces you dare to wear in a way only you can explain. And don’t forget to consign what you love for someone else to make their own.

Happy shopping and don’t forget, when you do it your way, you rule!


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