Every woman has her own individual style, but there are some things we all have in common.

blog1We like to shop of course, but the thrill of the hunt is only part of it. We’ve all seen that woman wearing something we love so much, we just have to stop and comment. There are among us those who take the compliment, extend a quick “thanks” and are on their way….you know who you are. Then there are the women we adore…the women who give too much information because they know we want it. Please don’t say “thanks” and be on your way. Please tell us the brand, the price, where you got it; tell us how to get it and give us the SKU number if you can. Let’s face it, “we love what you’re wearing” really means, “we want what you’re wearing!”

We hope Loree’s Closet brings you the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of the find and the thrill of “I’ll have what she’s wearing.” Because after all, every item on our site has been gently loved and passed on to the next generation of lovers. I’ve learned how to choose the best pieces so you can sit back, shop, (or sell) knowing you’ll find something you just have to have. And you don’t ever need a SKU number!

Happy Shopping… Happy Selling.


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