You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. See we’re connecting already!

  • Q. What is the split when my item sells?

    A. 50/50 if item sells for $500 or less ?60/40 if item sells for over $500 (60% to you, the client!)?PLUS Loree’s Closet pays ALL eBay and PayPal fees whether or not the item sells, which makes it easy for you to sit back and sell.
  • Q. How can I shop?

    A. This is an important question! CLICK HERE to be taken directly to our eBay store. Using the filters on eBay makes searching easier. You can also get to our Lululemon eBay inventory HERE
  • Q. How soon will I receive my check?

    A. It takes about 6 weeks from the time your items sell to the time you receive your itemized payout. Getting the mail just got more fun.
  • Q. How can I follow my auctions?

    CLICK HERE. Enter your email and zip code and all of your account info can be found. If you click on the eBay auction number of your item, it will show you the live auction action. You can also see what is sold, what is unsold, what is being returned to you and what checks have been issued.
  • Q. How do you price?

    A. This is what sets Loree’s Closet apart. Contrary to what other consignment companies do, we don’t just price the items we receive at random. At Loree’s Closet, we thoroughly research each and every item to see what identical and similar items have previously sold for on eBay to determine the best and highest starting price. An educated starting price helps our clients get the greatest return and the most successful sales.
  • Q. How long do you keep my merchandise?

    A. This can vary depending on the item. We will put your item through a minimum of 3 listings. We can have your item for a few months. We will contact you about returns if your item goes unsold. If you prefer to donate, please let us know.
  • Q. Do you accept vintage?

    A. Loree’s Closet is primarily looking for current styles of clothing. But as always, there are exceptions to the rule. Please feel free to contact us about specific items if you have questions.
  • Q. What if my items don’t sell?

    A.You will have a choice to either have your items returned to you at your cost or we can donate them to charity. If you live locally, you are more than welcome to pick up your items.
  • Q. What is the cost of a closet cleanse visit?

    A. The closet cleanse is completely complimentary provided the items you’d like to cleanse are items Loree’s Closet can work with. Please CLICK HERE to see our list of designers. If your items line up with things we can sell, let’s do it.  It’s on us and we are quite certain you’ll love your new closet and someone else will love your former treasures.  Win. Win.

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