Pic Encore! BlogIt seems we never bat an eye when it comes time to refresh or update our kitchen, bedroom or living room.

A throw pillow, a lamp or a piece of art can breathe new life into a space we’ve grown bored with. Well consider equal rights. A closet is a room too. It has feelings, and let’s face it, it has needs. It needs to be pampered, spruced and cleansed from time to time just like the other rooms. But “out with the old” is certainly easier said than done when you and your friends have had so many good times together. And especially when your friends have such special names like Chloe, Gucci and Lulu. But be fair. If you haven’t taken these friends out for dinner, drinks or to yoga in over a year, it may be time to introduce them to some new gal pals. Consider their feelings. Enter consignment. It’s like an encore for your favorite fashions and there is absolutely no shame in selling or buying gently loved amazing closet decorations! Quite the opposite. Everyone is doing it, even celebrities. Because this isn’t “used” clothing, it’s “loved” clothing and accessories that simply need a new home! If you think about it, it’s like real estate only cuter. Pass along the love. Pass along the friendship. Pass along the designer duds to breathe new life into another deserving closet.

And remember this; when Chloe and Gucci and Lulu move out, the vacancy sign comes to neon life and this is when the fun really begins. With your old friends safely tucked away in their new homes, and your consignment cash safely tucked in your purse, bring on the shopping. Trust us; Diane, Alice and Olivia and Chanel are great new friends to have. Loyal. Gorgeous. Available. And you can find them all at Loree’s Closet. Make your closet the most important room in your house. Keep the clothing karma alive and I promise, it will come back to you. Cleanse. Consign. Shop. Spruce. Repeat. Happy Shopping.

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